Confirmed Attendees List:

This list will be updated weekly on Sundays.  If you sign-up and pay and do not see your name on the list after a week has passed, please contact and we will resolve the issue.


Last Name Maiden Name First Name # of Guests
Anderson Aaron 1 (Me)
Azulai Tal Nira 1 (Me)
Bruch Andrew 2
Burchill Kiyomi 2
Camacho Paulo "Big P" 1 (Me)
Chatman Kyle 2
Couture Couture Cara 2
Couture Ryan 1 (Me)
Dickenson Adam 1 (Me)
Finley Ryen Emma 1 (Me)
Finley Ryen Emma
Finley Joel 1 (Me)
Firman Arek 2
Gardner Jordan 1 (Me)
Johnson Chu Michelle 1 (Me)
Kane Soto Megan 2
Kautt Wight Tamee 1 (Me)
Kubey Alan 1 (Me)
Kung Chienwei 1 (Me)
Lozoya Reyes 2
Nelson Sydney 1 (Me)
Nguyen James 1
Oglesby Brian 1 (Me)
Owens Andrew 2
Reilly Lisa 2
Rozelle Sundstrom Sarah 2
smiley Matt 1 (Me)
Weatherford Victoria 1 (Me)
Woo Alisha 1 (Me)
Yu Yann 1 (Me)

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